We are Yimbie. A mobile IT development company that focuses on building proximity awareness apps that help clients reach ideal customers when they are most receptive.


Engage customers when they are only steps away and most receptive to receiving your communication.


It's almost impossible to communicate with all your ideal customers at the right time. Weather, time of day, and even events matter. Yimbie can make sure each engagement considers these factors.


Yimbie helps your ideal customers find you by adding products, services, or events to their favourites. Then when they are near, Yimbie will notify them for you. Never miss an ideal customer again.


Being apart of the Yimbie network helps your business reach new or disengaged customers. We work with you to create services and engagements that will increase traffic & transactions.


Prefer your own app? We can work with you to build a customized proximity mobile app that will provide real-time local engagements & data analysis, dynamic content, product/maintenance support and on-going service development.


For the first time, your bricks & mortar business can be 100% certain which message promoted action. Moreover, Yimbie can provide live analytics that will help determine customer trends, inform marketing efforts, product development, awareness and ultimately enhance experiences.


Proximity marketing is only a piece of what Yimbie does. Let our team create new services, engagements, and share rich data with you.